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Propel Institute and Elysian Institute have built their courses and support services around creating the best possible environment for students to learn and excell. From the very begining you will be surrounded by experinced trainers and Study Mentors who will take you one journey that is not just based in theory but on real life experience.

“Our modern approach ensures our courses are accessible to everybody and can work around existing family, study and work commitments. All of our training staff have extensive experience within the industry and all still work within a business environment, ensuring they can teach our students how to thrive in a commercial workplace.” says Rikkie-Lee Janin – Director Propel Institute.

“Our courses are designed so that students receive the perfect blend of practical and theory in a style that’s both informative and fun”

If you’re the kind of person who blossoms under hands-on tuition, you’ll love Propel and what it has to offer. We also offer full-time, part-time, weekend and evening courses to suit every lifestyle.

Give the Propel Team a call and see where your career could be heading.

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